Public Sessions

the TRACK at new balance offers public recreational basketball sessions! 



Open Basketball

6:00pm – 8:00pm
Cost: $10 per 2 hour session

Schedule may vary & additional times may be added.



Open Basketball Rules:

• Located in Multi-Purpose Area

• First come, first served

• Maximum Capacity: 30 participants

• Waitlist Available

• All players must register and check-in individually (Day Smart Account required)

• Players must be over 18 to participate

• Game play is self-regulated

• Schedule may vary & additional times may be added.


Create Account        Register for Sessions

If you are having trouble creating an account, watch this short instructional video


Facility Rules:

• No alcohol, smoking, vaping, food or gum

• No spitting, fighting or offensive language

• All players must clean up after themselves

• All players must respect facility equipment

• Players must depart at end of the session

• No individual speakers

• Proper attire required- no marking shoes

• No boots or sandals while playing

• the TRACK at new balance is not responsible for any lost or stollen items

• the TRACK at new balance reserves the right to cancel sessions at any time

• Medical services are not provided


At this time, during our 2022-2023 indoor track season, we will not be offering public/open track practice access. Our initial season focus is concentrated on successfully managing our extensive schedule of track events and related activities. It is our intent to consider this possibility for the 2023-2024 season. 

Covid Protocols
Code of Conduct

We believe in good sportsmanship. We ask that players act responsibly and courteously to those around you. Please give your fellow players respect on and off the court. The TRACK at new balance staff reserves the right to eject any guest from the facility if they fail to abide by any and all facility rules.