Meet Our Team

Jay Rourke
Jay Rourke General Manager
Chris Ridolfi
Chris Ridolfi Facility Manager, Operations & Administration
Saleena Rashed
Saleena Rashed Assistant Facility Manager
Kathryn Vicino
Kathryn Vicino Scheduling and Associate Manager
Lauren Matuszczak
Lauren Matuszczak Marketing/Social Media/Content
Chawney Weis
Chawney Weis Special Events Supervisor
Ryan Engelhardt
Ryan Engelhardt Administrative Logistics & Events Supervisor
Evan Murphy
Evan Murphy Planning & Events Supervisor
Olivier Narcisse
Olivier Narcisse Community Outreach & Events Supervisor
Tabetha Van Heest
Tabetha Van Heest Marketing Coordinator
Andrew McGill
Andrew McGill Photo/Video Content Creator
Kim Good
Kim Good Marketing and Events Manager (Boston Landing)
Brooke Fudge
Brooke Fudge Marketing & Events Assistant (Boston Landing)
Tim Torigian
Tim Torigian Brand Marketing (Boston Landing)
Interested in Joining our Team?
Interested in Joining our Team?

the TRACK at new balance is a multi-purpose athletic facility designed to accommodate sports and athletes of all ages and levels at a world class facility. Our team is here to give you a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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